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Tamiyah is smart,pretty, funny, kind, and a good friend. She has an Amazing/ goofy personality. She is very loyal. You can trust Tamiyah with anything. She's shy at first and doesn't talk much but when you get to know her better she is outgoing , loud, caring, and the only friend u could ever ask for. She's understanding and can KEEP SECRETS. She's not fake and once you get close to her it's hard for her to let you go. If she does let u go it's for a very good reason. She's loveable and a all

round good person. But if u get on her bad side she has a bad attitude and a smart ass mouth and can throw down hard when she fights so don't try her. She can sense emotion in every one and gives good advice. Her smile can brighten up a room and if u look in her lovable brown eyes u can see one Fantastic person. Tamiyah is hard to find so if u have a chance to become friends take it and u won't regret it bc a personality like her's sometimes only come once in a life time.
I wish I had a friend like a Tamiyah
by Dopegirl123 December 16, 2017
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A really cool girl , she is chill , loves her friends , and is really sweet to her other half. She is really good at track and volleyball. She loves to wear her hair in an Afro. Her eyes are a mix between hazel and brown in the sun. Not in the sun they are a light brown. Sometimes she has to try and find herself. She loves to have fun and make herself and others laugh. She has a medium sized booty and she loves her some Jordans.
Omg ! , you are so funny , just like a Tamiyah !!
by thassherrayee April 23, 2016
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A hoe bits and I lier.She can not be trusted.She is a slut.She sends all types of nudes to boys and girls.And she is lesbian
by Amanda Santana February 16, 2018
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