The most hektic, pimpest guy on the planet. Suave, Sexy and Sophisticated. Basically, THE MAN.
Tamas is the man
by Eurazn March 24, 2011
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When a guy has a quasi Asbergers condition that forces him to collect things. Most commonly women. Tamas is a condition that makes you do anything to get the woman of your action is too low. Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Shitting in your own pants whilst staking out a chicks house, Putting a profile of yourself up on the worst sex site in the world and stalking a chick.
This condition has no known therapy and no known cure. You are stuck with Tamas for life..its a curse!
Friend- "Dude! I think Danny has Tamas!"

Other Friend- "No Way! Thats bad news man, he's fucked for life."

Friend- "Yeh, he caught an STD and is still fucking as many chicks as possible, thats a sickness!"
by kasia November 9, 2013
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A fuzzy man with fuzzy pants and fuzzy wazzy hair and dances very fuzzely and is some what fuzzy.
Tamas is a bear.
by OMG ZOOOOOOOOMMMMM January 3, 2010
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Gay fat dude with glasses, the classical american streotype, like that episode in Southpark where all eat unhealthy food and sit in chairs, not socializing, being total Gay virgin dudes.... Who play World of Warcraft.

Usually this is defined by a mamal, being on the lowest scale, fat, lazy, pretty dumb, who refers often at people as

."mmmm BOSS:" Its awkward, doesn't go outside, afraid of human contact, girls, virgin... Some people may call him:

Why are you a virgin gay TAMAS, boaay?

Why don't you go outside n grab a drink?
by October 21, 2019
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Tamae Is An outgoing person who welcomes her heart to everyone around her. Tamae is a Japanese name given to many European baby girls. Tamae is known to be very attractive but she is mainly shy around people.
by Eniana Brooke June 14, 2018
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Short for Puta Madre. (In Spanish)

Variations of the word exist and when its used.

-Puta Ma
1) I lost the game, tama.
2) Did you bring the poker chips?

-Tama, I forgot.
3) When someone gets tight/angry.

by Mitso2oo4 December 14, 2009
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