The Game is an abstract concept. It involves no tangible objects, nor is it played on any physical medium. It exists in the minds of those who play it, and it never ends. That's right, you can never win The Game (though this is debatable).

In order to lose the game, you have to think about the game. Upon thinking about the game, you lose and must announce that you've lost. This forces others to lose the game, and spreads the game to new people.

So, you are now playing the game. You will soon forget about this definition, and maybe sometime soon be reminded of it somehow, thereby losing the game.
Mike: Do you want to play a game?
Kieran: Awww man! I lost the game!
Mike: Dammit, I lost the game too.
by Michelle Marie May 17, 2007
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And now you have too.
I lost the game... and now you have too.
by MrDragon August 30, 2013
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A mental game, played by people who are smart enough to get what the fuck it is! You think of Game. You lose. You have 30 minutes to forget it. And when you aren't thinking of the game. You're winning!
by Fuck I lost the Game D: July 12, 2009
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Something that was only moderately entertaining in Kindergarden to begin with and which some cretins just cannot fucking give up.
A: "I lost the game! HURR"
B: "ME TOO!"
A: "Well time to watch more Lazytown reruns!"
B: "Haha yeah we are so ~*wacky and random*~"
by Joe Millsville May 26, 2009
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The game -

a person hears about the game and thus loses by thinking about it, they must then say (or shout) " i've lost the game" then everyone who hears and thinks about the game also loses. when someone asks about the game they are told the rules and then they are in the game.

there is one way to leave the game, which is to die without thinking of the game, which means they are not playing... (what?) so there is no way to win.

the normal reaction to someone saying i lost the game is to start swearing and punching the person for making them lose.

--- P.S i lost the game---
boy 1: I lost the game
Boy 2: noooooo
Girl 1: fuck you
Girl 2: whats the game?
by I lost the game March 4, 2008
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The way to play The (endless) Game:

You can not think about the game. If you do then you have to say (audibly) "I lost."
This outburst may cause anyone in the vicinity to start swearing because you reminded them of The Game and therefore they lose. The only way to win The Game is to never know about it.
Boy:*thinks about The Game* "Crap, I lost The Game!"
Girl: "shut up!"
Girl: "what did you lose?"
*boy precedes to tell her about The Game*
Girl: Dangit!
by Crap, I Lost! April 16, 2009
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