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A takuache is translated to possum. A takuache is also a young man with a Chevy Silverado or a GMC Sierra. Takuaches like to go to truck meets, and burn out their trucks. They usually use their dad's truck. Some common phrases takuaches say are ; No quema cuh, Mamalona, Toxica, Puro trokiando cuh,Si quema cuh, A webo cuh, Puro V8 cuh, Cuh.
The takuache is going to the truck meet. Or. Takuache cuh.
by El De La V8 November 04, 2020
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Person that dresses in American fighter shirts,expensive jeans,boots or sperrys,they also wear hats and sometimes have their ears pierced.Typically gets around in a dropped Chevy Silverado.
Aye foo there’s a lot of takuaches at the quincienera.
by Father.bulian February 16, 2019
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Owning a dropped truck that is usually loud yet slow as fuck; basically the stereotype of Hondas but toward trucks
Hey guys look at the takuache!

Jose thinks he's fast because he has a dropped Chevy, typical takuache
by RaspBerryMuffinMan November 13, 2016
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A hispanic man usually in his mid 20s to mid 30s who drives a dropped Chevy Silverado truck. He might wear American Fighter shirts, jeans, big belt, hat and boots.
omgg its another takuache

No quema cuhhhh
by Shawwtyyy._.sksksk December 31, 2019
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A person, usually of Mexican decent, who drives a slammed Silverado on billets who drives around yelling things like “si quema cuh” or “no quema cuhhh”. Usually the type to ruin car meets by doing peg leg burnouts.
Look at Edgar foo. He’s being a huge takuache at the truck meet right now cuh
by Rajé November 07, 2020
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Some cute boys (some) that wear american fighter shirts,boots/sperrys,and boot cut jeans/pants and they have a dropped or high truck and they call it “la mamalona” and they say “Cuhh “ a lot
No quema cuhh

“Ira ese takuache
“Thats my truck cuhh
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