When an individual completely dominates their competitors.
"Dude, you beat the shiz out of everyone at the poker table, yo!"

"Yeah brother, I iz been taking names"
by Whodlum May 4, 2009
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Collecting names of the people whose asses are going to be kicked by the collector. This simply means that somebody is ready to fight a bunch of dudes.
-This guy is kicking asses and taking names.
-Yes, he is really pissed off.
by elnormous August 27, 2015
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Taking names - yes, total domination, all that. But its origins are old school: when a military unit wipes out an opposing military unit so completely that they cease to exist as a unit, that unit's name is taken. Once upon a time, their colors - their flag - was taken. Think about an MC being stripped of their cuts.
"I was in Marine Recon in Vietnam. We were kickin' ass and taking names - called in an arclight strike on a whole division of NVA." (To be clear - this is an example...no personal claims here.)
by Rain in the Face June 7, 2018
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Phrase used in reference to someone or something that is having multiple successes in succession. kicking ass - Kicking someone or something's ass, beating, defeating an opponent at a task. taking names - Recording a list of future contestants who will have also be beaten or defeated in the defined task.
Aunt Betty-Joe was kicking ass and taking names at bingo last night.
by Jesse Bilsten April 14, 2006
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Most likely originated in the armed services, probably during Vietnam. "Kick ass" is generically applied to beating the opponent, whereas taking names refers to killing the enemy, or "taking their names." Has been adopted into common usage as a general motivational statement.

"pick up that goddam football damnit! now get out there, kick ass and take names you pussy!"
by beefstui April 27, 2007
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The act of being unequivocally awesome. It generally involves showing people what's up, making people feel like morons for being wrong, and defeating terrorists. It is indeed an action worthy of the highest honor.

It refers to an older sayings "Kick ass first, take names later," or "Shoot first, ask questions later." Generally, it is frowned upon enacting such awesomeness without "asking questions" first. However, when used in this context, that much is forgiven.
by UnequivocallyAwesome January 28, 2010
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