The act of receiving an undesirable action against you by the giver (usually male). From the giver's perspective, the act of dishing out pain, embarrassment, or sometimes pleasure.
Wow did he just put you in an armbar?? Just tap out man you're takin' it.

Megan Fox is so sexy I would definitely make her take it.
by V-Sizzle August 10, 2009
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Beating the living daylights out of someone or ideally, a group of people. Needs to be done with a decent amount of aggression, style and efficiency.
"They should have kept away from that semi-domesticated but angry chimp. He's takin' names."

Manny Pacquiao
Roy Keane
Liam Neeson in 'taken'
Rihanna in the song 'Breakin' dishes'
by spider31 June 05, 2009
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Completely wasting valuable time by taking a nap after getting 10 hours of sleep because you're too much of a little girl to, God forbid, go to bed past 12.
Chris: What's he doing?
Michael: Oh just takin' a stu.
Chris: Typical, what a piece of shit.
by zaxeZra October 16, 2009
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When having ass sex, coming at the exact same time as the toaster ejecting fresh toast.
"Oh. Bro, I'd just been flippin' the omelet, and oh, i had my shit all timed out clocks, right? Came, dude. Just as the toaster popped I was takin' the toast.
by mega miles December 06, 2008
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When you take the big one into your anal cavity without lubrication. Can be a male or female recepient.
Matt's girfriend likes to takin' it dry.....
by Tee Bagg January 19, 2006
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A sexual phrase in which one individual goes on an enduring and exhausting hunt to score with an orafice of the human body, regardless of the orafice's loaction and gender. Usually stated by an acquaintance in reference to what the "hunter" has been doing.
Oh man, last night, Jim tried takin' it to the hole, but no dice.
by Mix Master Dane March 08, 2005
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