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A Northern Irish term for someone ginger and ugly. Usually applies to females or those whose gender is not easy to work out.
Ha! I can't believe you got with that rank ginger girl. I was a little bit sick and I only saw her in my peripheral vision. She makes a squashed seahorse look delightful. What a parte.
by spider31 December 24, 2010
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Something or someone that the world would be better off without. Gets in the way and tends to reappear even after you have taken reasonable measures to tidy it away.
I am sick and tired of that guy always following me around. I tried losing him in a crowd but he's damn persistent. Such an ant ridge.
by spider31 November 24, 2010
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Beating the living daylights out of someone or ideally, a group of people. Needs to be done with a decent amount of aggression, style and efficiency.
"They should have kept away from that semi-domesticated but angry chimp. He's takin' names."

Manny Pacquiao
Roy Keane
Liam Neeson in 'taken'
Rihanna in the song 'Breakin' dishes'
by spider31 June 5, 2009
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Someone who is exceptionally intelligent, handsome, athletic and humorous.
by spider31 February 14, 2009
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