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Taina comes from a puerto rican, tribe called taino's. Taina was their princess
Taina means princess
by BlahahblH January 17, 2017
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a beautiful, smart, charming girl that is loved by everyone she meets because of her amazing smile and great personality. she has an amazing little body with a small waist and a rumpshaker. she is easily envied and boyfriends are forbidden to stay away from her.
i wish i was a taina.
by cbreez August 15, 2010
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a mystical creature thats name rhymes with vagina and china therefore is amazing and is loved by everyone it meets. it is often caught getting you and itself into lots of trouble but is so sweet you do not mind at all.
you will never believe what i ran into on my way to school today... a taina...she convinced me to have a few drinks with her and then drive...i got pulled over and recieved a DUI but its okay because that taina is amazing.
by rizabee June 10, 2008
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