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The most beautiful girl in the world. She is always with you and have the most beautiful smile ever. She always loves to read and loves to be joyful and fun. She has a since of humor that is witty and smart and she just makes anyone day that she meets. Everyone needs to be with her, she just makes you feel good and try harder at life! She loves to run and she cares so much about your wellbeing. She’s also that type of girl that you can stare into her eyes and laugh with over silly stuff. She loves boba and gets extremely excited over a new book or art supplies.
I’m so sad today I need taili

I’m so happy I saw taili today, everyone needs taili time
by Bobalover101 January 16, 2018
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These girls are awesome. They're smart, funny, beautiful, and have amazing hair. They're always there to make you happy and feel welcomed. She's sarcastic and sweet all at the same time. But beware because she's also very bipolar. One minute she'll be happy and laughing and the next she'll be pissed or sad. If you ever meet one, cherish her because she'll take your problems ahead of her own, no matter how many she has.
Boy #1 Hey, did you see that smart, pretty girl over there?

Boy #2 Yeah! That's Tai'li
by ColorBlue0420 May 23, 2018
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