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Taigh is the most caring boy you will ever meet! He will care about you so much that you wish you could show the same love. He is very sporty; loves to play basketball! He is very handsome and will have a line of girls wanting to go out with him. He will bring himself down but that one girl would always bring him back up again. If u ever meet a Taigh be sure to give him your heart because he will love it as much as you would normally!
Person 1: Is that Taigh!
Person 2: Haha yep he acts like one!
by #Eshayinmyblood October 20, 2019
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a form of communication between friends, sometimes used when they can't find each other in a crowd. It means nothing at all without the exclamation point.
Nick: TAigh!
Ben: TAigh!
by nrflaitze April 11, 2008
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