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The term Tai Mei refers to a flamboyant Taiwanese female that often frequents nightclubs, bars, karaoke bars and lounges.

Music : The Tai Mei species is prone to social media pressures that define their musical tastes. Top 40 songs that play repeatedly on commercial radio and lovey dovey Chinese music that has no variation and sounds pretty much all the same are guaranteed to be the only tunes found on a Tai Mei’s ipod (which is most likely covered in some sort of visually offensive glitter) or CD collection.

Visual (appearance) : The Tai Mei hoochie mama maintains at all costs (including health, meals, friendships, and monetary responsibility) a skinny, anorexic-looking, slender body that can only be compared to a third world famine victim. Accessories to this skeletal figure include loud mixed colors and dangly jewelry that could only have been put together by a blind man.

Speech : Tai Mei speech is of their native tongue, Mandarin Chinese, although a slightly different “street hoochie” dialect has emerged with the rise of Tai Mei culture. The basic language structure is the same, only with elevated volume and pitch levels that increase with alcohol intake, and added vulgarities. As for the Tai Mei attempt at speaking English, many do not speak the limited English they know willingly, as they often hate American culture and language, which brings about the question why they reside in the States in the first place.
Matt took one for the team to talk to the Alpha Female while we hit up her Tai Mei friends at the bar.
by djcee August 12, 2010
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