A celebration term when something good happens in your favor.
Man zhi.. I just won a game of warcraft.. zhi..
by random clones December 11, 2006
A teacher or class that completely overwhelmes you with intensity and cruelty. Zhi puts you through the ringer, eats your brain, and turns you into a zombie. Makes you forget what it was like to have a life, be lighthearted, or play in the sun. Shuts the light out, eats your soul, and suddenly you improve exponentially. When you've been exposed to the Zhi, you're never the same again.
"You've been Zhi'd!"

"You've been Zhi-ilized!"

"You have learned the way of the Zhi."
by lucyness February 2, 2010
People with this name normally like a certain someone with the name "Justin" or "Nubius".
Person 1: Did you know that Zhi likes Justin?
Person 2: I thought she likes Nubius?
Person 1: It's a 50/50 but I think Justin wins.
by アカタさたら August 27, 2021
Beautiful yet sensitive. If guys were to woo her, she would reconsiderate and choose the best personality person amongst the few guys. Zhi Qi is a veryfunny and cheerful person that everyone adore. However, she is easily unhappy with tiny things. She would be like an angel when she smiles or laughs but a devil if she screams or shouts.
Wonderful girl. Zhi Qi is always there for her friends when they face any trouble. However, Zhi Qi will ignore people who make her unhappy.
by Tree Potatoes+ Wah Banana September 6, 2017
Very Smart
Very Pretty (Even though she doesn't think she is)
Great Personality
Goofy but knows when to be serious

Loves having fun and laughing
Loves Animals (Especially Poodles)
Loves the smell of books
Zhi Xuan is a great person
by Dan Diablo March 6, 2019
A shameless maknae who will always claim he’s the cutest as he knows it.
Zhi Jie stop being so shameless.
by Yeu October 8, 2019
Zhi xiang is a hot guy that all the girls like. he maybe shy sometimes and always forgives
by Hansem dog June 4, 2019