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Taegans are very special people. They love to paint, sing, and play sports. They are very active when it comes to their lives. Most taegans have red hair and not that normal to have brown eyes. Most have blue. They are beautiful and fun to be around. But that is what makes them so special. They are kind and fun when you get to know them. But they like to put up walls, and be alone. Taegan is very stand off is and can seem grumpy but they aren't. You just have to get to know they to see the beauty of taegan. Taegan just wants to find love and compassion in her realationship so when you talk to one don't be annoying just get to the point and tell them how you feel they are positive and sweet. And something like that will melt her heart. They love to fool around and have a good time tho. Take taegan to a resturant and she is sure to make it a fun evening, either way there aren't any negatives to Taegan. Except for one, they have a really bad temper so don't make her mad. But yet there are still the best kind of person on this earth. So when you find a Taegan, you better keep her and never let go.
Person 1: hey look at that girl over their she is so beautiful
Person 2: yep she sure is

Person 2: must be a Taegan!
by Gkscjdvjf January 14, 2018
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An amazing friend who is completely random. She also loves to read and act. Taegan is one of the best friends you will ever have so make sure you keep her. As Taegan's are beautiful, nice, sweet and love to have a good time.
Person 1: who is that girl she is always having a great time
Person 2: must be a Taegan
by hungrymonster321 January 11, 2014
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A girl you'll meet and be suddenly enthralled with. You will think of her as a friend at first but soon find that you can't stop thinking about her. She is beautiful and smart and funny and you can't help but choke a little when you see her.
There's just something about Taegan; I can't get my mind off of her.
by WhyDoYouNeedMyName? November 28, 2016
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Is very active and honest most times, takes every thing as if it was real. Also he is very cute
Taegan is really cute when he plays sports
by Pet Steve May 20, 2018
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A type of common under-your-bed type of Monster. Typically medium in size with a boisterous voice and a penchant for getting into trouble. They would be more effective at scaring people were they not so darn... cute.
Person 1: "Oh my God, did you hear that? What WAS that??"
Person 2: "Don't worry - just put your feet on the bed. It was probably just a Taegan . They are so ANNOYING! But AWW look how cute she is!!!."
by Little Mama 2 July 16, 2008
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