its a type of mexican food. if you want a real taco, go to a taco truck. its served with peppers, beef, a small tortilla, and hot sauce yum. dont go to taco bell though. they make fake ass tacos.
damn that was a hella good taco im so glad we went to that taco truck instead of fake ass taco bell those bitches
by bethanie July 02, 2007
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The food that can give you a hard time while on the toilet..
"Why is he taking so long the there? He must of had a taco."
"Dude, he let out a nuke..."
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by Tacooooz May 03, 2017
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A girls private area. Oddly enough, it's also a food.
That girls taco tasted awesome.
by biglove June 22, 2014
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Another name for pussy, usually having to do with eating pussy.
Nathan: Mmm... I could really go for some tacos right now...
Stan: Yeah, me too...
Stan's little sister, Nikki: That sounds good!
**Stan and Nathan crack up**
(true story)
by MizMulenko May 31, 2004
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A word that may be used as a noun, adjective or verb.

noun~1. the most delectable and delicious food ever. put on the Earth by the Gods themselves. 2. something that is amazing, indescribable and just AWESOME.

adjective~awesomely amazing

verb~to do the coolest or greatest thing ever. nuff said.
1. I love tacos. They are so delicious, I wish I could eat them everyday. NOM NOM NOM
2. That Chuck Norris is a taco!!

I want a taco car like that. All I have is an old non-taco car that barely runs.

I am going tacoing tomorrow! Would you like to come?
(I taco, you taco, he/she/it tacos, we taco, yous taco, they taco)
by nommnomnom January 11, 2010
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by someguydefineingstuff September 13, 2016
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