……. It was a game that kept one of my best friends from getting some taco shop on the way home because he had, “other plans”.
by Aldiggy2000 November 6, 2009
A very good place to eat in Encinitas, CA. Famous among the locals, and home of the Justin Burrito (beans, cheese, rice, lettuce, french fries, guacamole, double wrapped). Also has some pretty good hot sauce.

Tourist: Hey dude, I'm from out of town. Where's a great place to eat over here?
Local: You up for some Mexican food?
Tourist: Sure.
by I love Rico's June 21, 2006
When a woman gives her man a handjob utilizing a tortilla and spit as lubricant. Once he cums woman makes a burrito with said tortilla.
My girl was hungry, so I took her to the fuzzy taco shop.
by Ridebb January 30, 2018
the best fucking buritos you'll find on the west coat.
nicos taco shop is da fuckin shiz-nit bitch.
by Deltron February 13, 2004
A woman that makes her vagina available 24 hours a day.
Ben: Im hungry, what's for dinner?

Eric: I'm not hungry I just got back from your mom's house. She started her own 24 Hour Taco Shop. Get Shit On Ben.
by Boxx November 3, 2006
An amazing ska band from the south hills of Pittsburgh, PA.
"That 24 Hour Taco Shop concert last night at Mr. Smalls was the best concert i've ever been too."
by Santa Lucilla November 2, 2006