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At Basic Training where one person at your table eats his or her food so fast that the Drill Sergeant, Military Instructor etc. believes the rest of the people at that table should've had enough time to eat, and makes everyone else at the table get up and go without even finishing their food. This usually results in the people who were at that table disliking that individual because they were "Table Fucked".
"Trainee Doe is done eating already why the hell aren't the rest of you finished!?!? Hydrate and get the piss out!"

Table Fucked Trainees "What the piss Doe, Why'd you table fuck us? We're starving!"
by Demolix October 31, 2011
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In military basic training, when someone who sat down after you gets up before you, causing you drill sergeant/drill instructor/training instructor to yell at you to get out of the chow hall.
I couldn't eat at breakfast this morning because I got tablefucked by a first-weeker.
by ViviWannabe December 05, 2009
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