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A notably addictive wiki where thousands of tropes and idioms throughout creative works are collected, defined, and expanded. Though it originally only focused on tropes within television shows (hence the name), it now covers literature, comic books, anime, manga, western animation, video games, film, webcomics, web animation, music, and others. Unlike Wikipedia (which "tropers" call "The Other Wiki"), there is no such thing as notability on TV Tropes.
TV Tropes will ruin your life.
by JohnnyLurg March 19, 2011
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A website loaded with hyperlinks, guaranteed to trap the view for hours, especially if viewing with a tabbed browser.
I followed this link to TVTropes and was stuck there for hours. Each link I clicked on ended up leading to me clicking five more!
by RobbyPants September 03, 2009
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A time-consuming, yet interesting website that chronicle and give names to the many cliches, plot devices, character devices, and other narrative phenomena (such as fanservice, nightmare fuel, getting crap past the radar, etc) in TV shows, movies, comic books, anime, and even in real life.
According to tvtropes, the sudden disappearance of Seven from "Married...With Children" is known as a "Brother Chuck" (because, like Chuck Cunningham from "Happy Days," Seven went upstairs and was never seen again).
by SadieVerbosa December 21, 2009
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TV Tropes is a wiki that collects and expands descriptions and examples on various conventions and devices (tropes) found within creative works. Since its establishment in 2004, the site has gone from covering only television and film tropes to also covering those in a number of other media such as literature, comics, video games, and even things such as advertisements and toys. The nature of the site as commentary about pop culture and fiction has attracted attention and commentary from several web personalities and blogs.

The content was published as free content from April 2008, and changed its license over the years to one allowing noncommercial distribution.
TV Tropes initially focused on the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and has since increased its scope to include thousands of other series, films, novels, plays, professional wrestling, video games, anime, manga, comic strips and books, fan fiction, and many other subjects, including Internet works such as Wikipedia, which is referred to in-wiki as "The Other Wiki". It has also used its informal style to describe topics such as science, philosophy, politics, and history under its Useful Notes section. TV Tropes does not have notability standards for the works it covers.
by The Centurion December 28, 2014
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A site to corrupt your vocabulary, suck up your spare time, and generally ruin your life.

A bit like this one, if you think about it.
So when I told the guy that I thought Code Geass was really Narmy and had a lot of Unfortunate Implications, especially with regard to the Chinese, he told me to GO BACK TO TVTROPES FAG IM FAPPIN.
by Karlz Belena February 20, 2010
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A very addicting site about tropes that describe media but plagued by absolutely ridiculous admins that permabans people for disagreeing with them (or for fun) and lock pages that they don't like.

Known for being Anime focused.
Tv tropes is the new gamefaqs.
by Fast Eddie is a cock March 14, 2012
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