A boss of all bosses.
the king of the streets, or in plain language, a real playa and a true baller !
I'm the boss of this town, because I'm a Hamad !
by Hackstack October 17, 2011
The supreme ruler and leader.
Paramount Chief.
A king of all kings.
Head, Boss, Highest official, Master.
No one is allowed to trespass this area, The Hamad is coming right now.
by x0 Anonymous 0x March 13, 2013
A fast rapid baller with the hands of a beast. He rips and tears anything in his way.
Oh Fish I see a Hamad we better dip.
by Pseudonym-_-*$% December 22, 2019
Hamad drama
“Hamad dramanoun
by Xxananiln April 18, 2019
a cunt that only wants to fuck. He thinks with his dick, 'loves' with his dick, see's with his dick and probably eats with his dick too. Hamads have eye bags which tend to be deeper than the blackhole. they have the characteristic shape of a vagina as well so are easily identified. a hamad ego is also known as a delusional ego, they are ugly fuck but see themselves as Prince Charming.
"your eye bags are so hamad, did you not sleep?"
by _hateyou February 7, 2017