Acronym for "that's true" or "true that", an expression of agreement.
Person1: Wow, this movie sucks

Person2: TT
by IPN August 01, 2011
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acronym for tag team, when two men tag team and have intercourse with a female, making sure to demean her at all costs, be sure to give mushroom stamps and houdini's
Me and BT got T T'd lindsay in the Navi. I really let one loose on her face.
by Brauner March 02, 2005
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Short for Trailer Trash, but that is never said; for it may offend. Describes; unclassy, cheesy, bizarre, redneck and funny people and things. It is to be used in a comical, not demeaning kind of way.
When I went to the Nascar race, I made sure to look extra T.T., so I wore my cutoff jean shorts, reebok classics, and Dale Jr. T-Shirt.
by Stephanie Kunze October 08, 2007
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TT stands for "too turnt". TT is a commonly used abbreviation in Toronto that Robin Banks (a Toronto rapper) created and it caught on when Drake quoted "tt" in an Instagram caption.
"Yo I'm tt in the six right now"
"this kush got me tt"
by jamie2324 September 04, 2016
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TT is a crying emoticon. "TT" is also a bop by South Korean girl group TWICE which lead to many memes.
Person 1: Aw man, we have so many exams this week
Person 2: I know TT


Person 1: Someone is spreading false information about TWICE on Twitter...
Person 2: Oh man they're gonna be like TT after I beat their @ss
via giphy
by imIikett October 21, 2017
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TT = Team top. Shon smiths "gang" that supposedly gets top from girls. Really, only a few of them pull and actually get top. Many people dislike TT but others are obsessed with them.
by Shahabkaiagaba January 09, 2017
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Tt is french and stands for tout wich means all or everything.
Tt le fille son belle.
All the girls are pretty.
by KaeseStulle May 27, 2010
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