A rather attractive individual, usually found spending too much time on irc and eating junk food.
Oh look, it's TREllis, he's rather cool
by Tomarse July 30, 2003
A fat smelly slag, often used for free mcdonalds supplies.
by Guru August 21, 2003
The act of two men kneeling butt to butt creating an arched form and pooping.
Wow, Ryan and Steve are making a steamy German Trellis.
by kungfumelissa September 4, 2017
a ghetto term meaning a gangsta and his crew, usually spoken as if it were a name.
Yo Whassup, this is Trellis and Thugs, and we've been doin so much pimpin' tonight that we've ran out of bitches and hoes in this damn city.
by Rico Johnson February 7, 2006
Boobs to the trellis is the female equivalent of balls to the wall. Generally used to mean that you are too busy or have so much work to do you can't fit anything else in.
Brianne: "I can't make that meeting as I'm boobs to the trellis unfortunately"
by Bob Barth March 25, 2022
Trelli stands for ‘Take Risks Everyday Live Life Irregular’ . Also known as the baddest life force on the planet. Trelli has Godly energy & the most ultimate spiritual control over anyone who graces planet earth. He is also the hardest producer/rapper to come out of the 90’s era.
Trelli is the coldest
by TheGod OfLife November 23, 2021