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It's jacksepticeye 's intro. After loud *WWHHIIIPPSSSHHH* (slapping sound) he High-five the air and scream these words:
"TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIE, MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE, AND WELCOME BACK TOOO...(the name of the game he actually play) (...)"
-in jacksepticeye 's intro, also very often used by his friends (especially pewdiepie) and his fans and all of bosses
-instead of "Hi" or "Good morning" you can just yell "TOP OF THE MORNING"
-ATTENTION: you should scream these words, because it's correct and required way to say it
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by martawastaken September 27, 2016
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After sleeping with a girl. the next morning grab a Top Hat and yell TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA and ram your erect penis threw the top hat poking her in the eye
Dam judy got a nice morning wake up
:really wat you do?
put my cock threw a top hat smashed her in the eye top of the morning
by k1th February 11, 2010
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