1. of or relating to Saratoga Springs, NY

2. a clothing garment designed out of sheets dating back to early Greek apparel
1. "I went down to Toga the other day to pick up some stuff at the head shop on Phila Street. Sweeet lovin'!"

2. "Yeah dude, are you wearing anything underneath that toga?"
by Elvira, queen of doom December 10, 2004
A slang word in Portuguese, meaning a very strong joint, made with a high ratio of weed to tobacco.
Let's smoke a togas!
Should I roll a normal one or a togas?
by artistola September 19, 2011
An often understood garment from ancient Rome; the "toga" of a toga party is much scantier and flimsier than the toga that ancient Romans wore.

The toga was basically a large wrap worn over a tunic.
In the early days of the empire, the toga was worn by both sexes, but after 200 BC the toga was reserved for men while women were expected to wear the stola; a woman wearing a toga was generally a prostitute or an adultress, to distinguish them from "respectable" women.
by Lorelili November 7, 2012
Any object a man uses to hide his boner.
After I saw Mindy in her bikini I immediately had to grab a toga.
by Kevvyg15 May 19, 2011
The act of dancing around in a toga screaming "TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!"
by The Toga Monster December 25, 2008
A ROMAN garment worn specifically by men. It's often mistaken for a Greek garment worn by pretty much everyone.

The women's version of the toga was called the stola.

Most people like to use bed sheets to make them.
Are those your mom's bed sheets?

Shut up! It's my toga...
by SergeAnei August 5, 2010