2 definitions by Elvira, queen of doom

Village in upstate new york that is dead in the winter time. With a population of 3,578 (as of 2000), Lake George's finest assest is the lake. Unfortunately, that too has been crapped upon by the thousands of tourists that boat on it each year.
"Lake George is an elaborate name for a dirty vacation." - Jackson Strong
by Elvira, queen of doom August 14, 2004
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1. of or relating to Saratoga Springs, NY

2. a clothing garment designed out of sheets dating back to early Greek apparel
1. "I went down to Toga the other day to pick up some stuff at the head shop on Phila Street. Sweeet lovin'!"

2. "Yeah dude, are you wearing anything underneath that toga?"
by Elvira, queen of doom December 09, 2004
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