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Short for ThatLostGuy or ThatLostGay. A term usually used to describe someone that is confused about their sexual orientation and loves the hit tv show LOST. The person usually claims to be straight but they have other screen names like BIGMIKE424 where they can be gay and have internet sex with other gay men.
Just tell me if your gay or straight, you TLG!
by BigBess May 09, 2009
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"The Lying Game" an ABC Family Orignal Television Show. Starring Alexandra Chando (Emma/Sutton) & The Very Hot & Attractive Blair Redford (Ethan).
Girl 1: Im gonna go watch TLG!
Gilr 2: You mean "The Lying Game", I can't believe what Emmas evil twin Sutton did this time!
by CoolKidsRus June 08, 2012
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a street gang from the south side of west bend WI, the tlg stands for Tri-Lake Ghetto because the gang originated around three lakes. there tuff strands from big ceder lake to the grove to main street and down town. there colors are black and green.there tags usually say TLG for life and have MG or SM st. under them that stands for the part of tlg where there comeing from.
T.L.G 4 Life,Tri-Lake Ghetto
by sliy March 21, 2008
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Acronym for Tru Louisiana Gangsta (gangstanism)
started by craka chris reffering to what actually happens in covington louisiana aka Dodge City.
Down to the point. Nothing gangster happens in covington.
Only gangsternis in covington is mccdonalds and popeyes fried chicken with crystal hotsauce

man we dont dodge bullets in dodge city
man ima TLG we dodge crackheads after our hotsauce n chicken
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The Loyal Gamers this is a clan that is gaming and sometimes awesome stuff to its a youtube channel.
by TLG Clan June 08, 2018
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