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A small cow smelling shithole town in southwestern Kansas. Where the grass isn't green and the girls aren't pretty. Best known for Gunsmoke, Boothill, cow killing (Excel, National Beef),. . .and the 80 percent population that is illegal. With nothing better to do except get into trouble with Dodge City's finest and probably get blown away from the wind.
by Kayla Anderson June 20, 2008
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Something that sounds or looks dodgy.
Marta: Hey, should we try out that cafe on Main Street? I can never see in the windows when I go by because they're always steamed up but there are tons of newspaper clippings in the window.

Jack: Um, dodge city. The clippings are dried out, yellow and not in English and the windows haven't been cleaned in years. Pass.
by cybermedusa February 17, 2011
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A city in Kansas that is often refered to as the NYC of the mid west due to its bumpen towns and swingen holiday inn expresses
Hannah - i want to go to NYC, but its so far
Maddy - thats okay, lets go to Dodge city, its basically the same thing
by Etgar 36 2010 January 01, 2011
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Dodge City is best known for its fast changing weather, and being a very windy city. In wrestling the guys are HOT!! And very GOOD_LOOKING!! We can kick the shit out of Garden and We love to cause Havoc. People there don't just live on farms and if you think that we did then you're a fucking dumbass piece of shit. The girls here are problably better than the girls at your shity ass town and so what if we're from mexico if you step up into our town we'll problably jump your dumbass for talking shit! Dodge City is a place for a better and comfortable life and if you're a hater then FUCK YOU!!!!!!
Kayla Anderson: "Man Dodge City sucks!"

Everyone else: "Just because we don't accept your prostitution don't mean you have to get mad."
by RndGrc January 07, 2011
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