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This Is Some Fucked Up Shit. Anything deemed disgusting or downright disturbing.
Steve- Hey bro...let's check out one of those "donkey shows"

Jim- Dude...isn't that kinda weird?

Steve- Nah man, it'll be awesome.

30 Minutes later.

Steve- Isn't this great?!

Jim- I think i'm gonna be sick...TISFUS bro.
by Smithc2009 January 09, 2009
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Acronym standing for "That/This Is So Fucked Up!"
Often varied to "tismu", "tirfu", or "tisfmu" meaning "that is so messed up", "that is really fucked up" or "that is so fucking messed up" respectively.
Jimbo: Dude, I found a huge pregnant rat in my Suburban!
Dude: Dude, my name is Dude. Did you ever notice that?
Jimbo:, tisfu!!
by Blake C. May 24, 2008
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