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Alright, TIJ stands for The InuYasha Journey; it's a chat based on roleplay. Which can pretty much be anything, but mostly relates to anime or manga. Now, TIJ use to be the perfect haven for RP. But all good things must come to an end, and TIJ started to die. To this day RP is scarcely found, and if it is, half of it is cyber foreplay or just cybering. Noobs are usually ignored.
A good example of TIJ would be a totally hot girl getting really fat and greasy; but still having sexy tendencies.

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by Yazzy-Ku~ January 04, 2010
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Derogatory term for DJ Tiesto, one of the most popular (and overrated) DJs in dance music. This comes from his real name, Tijs Verwst. Usually used in order to make fun of DJ Tiesto.

Also see omgtijs
Look at Tijs jump up and down with his hands in the air to the ch00n.
by martynda April 05, 2004
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A fat Italian Woman covered in grease who likes to fuck goats
Ohh that Tij is a slut
by B3N_TH0M920N July 24, 2019
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