Abbreviation for "There I fixed it"
Part of the Cheezburger - Failblog site
Silly/Funny attempts at repairing various stuff - bad repairs
- Dude ever been to TIFI?
- Errr, what does that stand for?
- There I Fixed It.
- Yea I know what are you talking about now... That is like the best part of Failblog!
by MATTony May 30, 2013
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A blessing in everyone's life. The most amazing thing that could happen to anyone. An amazing best friend, is always there for people when needed the most. Loved and appreciated by many but doesn't know and understand it. Has many secret lovers and admirers out there, so keep an eye out! Tifi is a VERY trustworthy person and always supports and cares about his friends. Only gives back what he gets, so treat him like shit and you will get it back, but respect him and he'll care about you like family. Has a group of best friends but is known by everyone. Stays away from huge troubles and tries to stay away from drama as much as he can... When hes upset he: either stays silent and don't talk to people and deals with it himself or tells his best friend. Very close to his friends and family.

He is: trustworthy, sexy, supportive, caring, loving, curvy, amazing, the best best friend ever, blessed, loaded, abusive, annoying (at times) and just truly the best person ever, so get your hands on one.

He isn't: ugly, flat, a fuckboi, or anything bad.
by anymous209 October 21, 2017
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When a child tells a parent that they are doing something, for example a chore, when instead they are actually doing something else.

Derived from Tidying; to tidy, this came from a keyboard mistake, as the D and F are adjacent on qwerty keyboards
"Yes Dad, I am tidying my room" actually I'm Tifying! on the internet

by pipk62 May 03, 2008
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Acronym for "Tell 'im Fuck 'im"

Dick said he did not want to go to work as reported to his boss by his work colleague. His boss retorted to Dick's colleague "TIFI" "Tell 'im Fuck 'im"
by Marco Pantini - 61 September 06, 2006
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The act of looking like a trashy slut in public on Halloween. Often seen wearing short shorts, mini everything, and showing tons of cleavage.
Fallon: ahhh, Can't wait to order my costume for Halloween!

Tabatha: What are you going to be?

Fallon: I don't know, of course something Hooch-tified!
by 1TVSTARR September 28, 2011
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(adjective) when someone is totally PMSing on you...that's how you describe them.
joycors- r. and r. and elaine and them are sitting on the ground and crying...ew

mrs. mime- ugh they have to stop being so PMS-tified...WE'RE IN THE FREAKING FORD'S THEATRE!!! LINCOLN GOT SHOT HERE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE. D:<
by mrs. mime July 29, 2006
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When you got bored of smoking crack and you've decided to stuck your head inside a bin because why not.
1: MATE I got so bin-tified last night how bout u
2: SAME Bro
by KAIBINSUCC April 24, 2017
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