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Acronym: "Too High To Function" (as in, the speaker has ingested an amount of marijuana to the point that he/she can no longer comprehend or perform basic motor skills.)
Person 1: Sup?
Person 2: In my speech class THTF
Person 1: Shit.
by (lexi[con)artist] August 17, 2011
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Instant messaging acronym for Too High To Function. Meaning that the speaker is too high to understand/make sense of what you are saying.
Jack: dude ijust smokeed a wohle blunt by meself an im thtf
by awesem0 April 10, 2009
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an acronym meaning Too High To Function, normally used in txt or over IM when someone keeps telling u things and ur too high to understand/care what the heck they're saying
person 1: guess what! i think i figured out why my fone didn't work cuz the thingy broke and then that one part got fixed and then it only sorta worked ya know?

person 2: THTF dude tell me about it later.
by poptartxoxo September 12, 2010
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acronym for: Too H I G H To Function.

used when a person has smoked a lot of marijuana and proceeds to the state of thtf.
I just came back from an L ride, and im sooo thtf.
by baby smiley1 October 19, 2010
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Too High Too Function. (As in when you get really baked and are unable complete basic tasks.)
Im Parallel parking, but since I am THTF its not gonna happen.

My girlfriend was THTF while making noodles after a bong hit.
by Zauy September 18, 2013
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