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It's when you do it doggy style, but instead of using a condom you use a sandwhich baggie. Without taking the sandwhich out. Just to get the squishy feeling of lunch meat inside you. Then when you're done, you do 69. Then you shove a live porcupine up her vagina & listen to her shriek. while she's shrieking, you hit her with a bus. Then you bake cupcakes, & AFTER taking the porcupine OUT, shove cupcakes up her ass & vagina, & stick it in there. Then throw the body in a nearby lake. Then eat the sandwhich as you watch her sink.

"Hey man, do you know where my mother is? I haven't seen her today"
"Oh, sorry man, I gave her THE CONCORDIA last night. You wont be seeing her any time soon."
by Scott & Jenn July 02, 2006
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