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Acronym for Typical Friday Night. Similar to the infamous "that's what she said" while being said after something scandalous, sexual, or just crazy in general. Creates a joke out of mundane conversation. Can also be used sarcastically to express something as not being "TFN".
Person 1: How was your ice cream cone at lunch?

Person 2: It was huge and hard to manage but I downed it all in the end.

Person 1: TFN.

by bkfl9 August 28, 2012
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Stands for "typical fuckin nigger". Classified as a person of African decent who acts like a roudy, ghetto, ignorant idiot.
Only friggin TFN walk around with that FUBU clothing, eat fried chicken, and listen to that loud ass rap.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
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shit, look at that tfn over there, eatting fried chicken, and pounding that OLD E
by tizzle December 08, 2003
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"They're fucked now..." Muttered in a movie theater at a point in the show when imminent doom descends upon a group of characters. Or, if it's only one person, HFN or SFN for "He's fucked now" or "She's fucked now".
Dan: "Ha ha! The bomb's gonna go off on 15 seconds and they just dropped the wire cutters down the sewer drain!"
Bill: "Ha ha! TFN!"

Gary: "Hanging onto the cliff with bloody fingernails, and the bad guy steps up with a shotgun. HFN..."
by kevnar April 05, 2008
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