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TBK is the acronym for The Black Knight, an alternative model, part time gamer as well as YouTube personality in the AMV community. The Mixed race, androgynous male model is also known for his stoner agenda, alternative lifestyle and his relationship with rapper/model Ciel Savagery on The Group Chat webseries.
"The stoned gamer on The Group Chat Show is none other than TBK"
"TBK is the one with the afro"
by RadFacts June 21, 2018
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Token Black Kid
A black kid that is in group(s) as the one black guy amongst them.
Hey dude, do you know where the our TBK is.
by JohnTheFurry June 09, 2018
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Taco Burrito King!!!
Open 24 Hours. Mostly drunk customers after 12am.
Dude, thank god for TBK--let's go max out at 3am with the 30 other customers there. Maybe we'll start a usual drunk fight.
by swanDZ July 08, 2009
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Australian based Graffiti crew - Founded in the early 90's consisting of a large number of talented graffiti writers. Since then TBK has grown largly in numbers and is affiliated with numerous other respected Australian Graff crews IE: TDP, TNS, KWT, HR, NBS.
TBK currantly have a DVD out called "Subway Soldiers".
by Hiphopculture August 20, 2006
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When someone feels hard done by, a reply of TBK or Tough Break Kid is sure to follow.
Girl: I have to work this weekend :(
Guy: #TBK

Tough Break Kid bad luck unfortunate
by j_l_p January 18, 2013
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New Mexico- Pheonix based bombing crew. They have caused millions of dollars worth of property damage with their graff. Most known members of the crew: Detok, Reks,Syne....
Oh crap, my house has a gigantic titay on it.
Those TBK kids must have done it.
by Detok October 06, 2011
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