a pair of womens undies that are just a string(not thong)in the back,the strings makes a "T"
man i can see that chicks T-Back
by russ1416807 May 13, 2006
Better than a thong, less floss, more like a G string/Thong combo. starts wide on the top, goes to string as soon as it hits the top of the ass crack.
by Big Fat White Guy November 13, 2003
Another word for g-string, thong style underwear. Originating in Japan. Often confused with t-bag by foreigners not used to Japanese pro-nun-see-A-shun.
You should wear your t-backs or you'll show your panty lines
by Zemble October 18, 2003
A group of slutty women dressed in low rise jeans or pants where the tops of their thongs are sticking out.
Check out the Phat-ass in that T Back Crew
by Zoltar85 February 21, 2011