YRG slang for ‘tighten up

Demanding someone to act right and stop acting “off”
Guy 1: Bro, I think I got caught feelings for Jessica.
Guy 2: T up, you already know Jessica is for the streets.
by Hubolts December 04, 2020
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To step up. Say it when you want to or are about to fight
Boy: t up pussy
Boy #2: wassup nigga!
by Lovequeensosa December 01, 2015
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the process of gettin ready to go on tour for the night
I'll be over in an hour, I gotta t up first
by Steeles May 04, 2008
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Pronounced tŭp, or tuhp

Contraction of "what up?"

Informal. Used either as a greeting or as a question to ask "what is happening in your life?" or "how's it going?"
Used as a greeting:
'T ' up!
'T ' up yo!

As a question:
'T ' up?
by like a fox and/or weasel February 18, 2009
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