Noun phrase: T's and P's stand for "Thoughts and Prayers." Often used in the internet world, and originated on a message board in Iowa. Used in situations that would normally cause sadness or angst.
"Wow, man. I heard about your sister letting the entire football team PIITB. T's and P's, man."
by Hawkness Monster November 16, 2007
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In Mechanics: Temperatures and Pressures
Have you check the T's and P's? We don't want it to explode.
by ClosetTechy January 5, 2015
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A game to play in a chat room to get to know each other.
Familiar to Truth or Dare.

T stands for Truth
P stands for Percent

First person asks the second : T or P ?
Second picks T or P

If he picked T that means you have to ask him a question on which he can answer only ''Yes'' or ''No''

If he picked P that means you have to ask him a question on which he can answer in percents ( See example )

After every answer you change, so the second person asks the first and so on.
Guy 1: T or P ?
Guy 2: T
Guy 1: Are you a virgin?
Guy 2: No

Guy 1: T or P ?
Guy 2: P
Guy 1: How many percent do you love Kerly?
Guy 2: 80%
by iKanks July 24, 2010
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1. A short form, commonly used for tities and pussy. Also a common use in sexual education courses when feeling it is inappropriate to say tities and pussy.
2. A sports cheer before the starting of a game.
1.Pat Mags has a girlfriend with some nice T and P.

2. On 3 boys 1,2,3, T AND P!
by domer17 May 26, 2008
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Ian Thorpe Sex Pest
Usually found lurking around the South East Essex region,
Young ladies be aware of the 106 gti, be warned off this sexual predator!
He is like an I T S P
by Florence23 April 8, 2008
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Reference to Donald J. Trump, whose last name is spelled with a big "t" and a small "p". Play on "big talk, small penis". Refers to a person who makes loud and annoying claims to make up for deep insecurities.
"You know that Donald J.? He's the real deal, tells it like it is, right?"
"Naw, he just talks big. Big T Small p, know what I mean?"
by millstone December 31, 2022
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Abbreviation for "Thoughts and Prayers" used on social media to make your incredibly insincere sentiments, incredibly convenient to deliver.
That smug prick Chazzzzz changed his FaceBook status to "T&P" instead of typing out "Thoughts and Prayers to the victims of that middle-aged serial rapist in Palm Beach County".
by ajpolo November 12, 2017
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