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A forum on the gaming website Gamespot in which numerous factions of fanboys from Xbox(lemmings), Gamecube(Sheep), Playstation 2(Cows), and PC's(Hermits), fight over which is the better system. Many people find System Wars to be full of annoying idiots, but if you go in with the right attitude it can be quite fun.
Fable flopped, the lemmings have been owned!!
by Shibby01 May 14, 2005
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System wars is the name of a forum in where Gamers from 4 different factions (360 lemmings, PS3 cows, wii sheeps and PC hermits) discuss about which is the superior console for gaming, The consoles that are always discussed are the 360, PS3, Wii and the PC. Once every 50000 years, some poor guy comes and post something about other console, which results in the user getting awfully flamed.
SW is always full of threads that compare games or consoles, for example, every 5 seconds some guy post a thread like "THE OFFICIAL GOD OF WAR 3 VS BAYONETTA THREAD!!!!" or "THE OFFICIAL "WHY DOES THE PS3 KICKS ASS AND THE 360 DOESNT" THREAD!"
Its also known as "The middle of the gamespot ocean" because its an extremely violent place full of insults and stupid people who argue all day long, and also because the threads come in "waves". It is guaranteed that if you create a thread and then return to the board, your thread will at least have 5 responses, and it will still be almost at the end of the board, refresh again and it will now have 10 and around the middle, for there iss an average of 8 threads per second.
You shouldn't stay in SW for more than 10 minutes a day, if you stay more, you are guaranteed to be filled with rage, which will result in you posting something that will be considered as trolling, giving you a 3 days or more suspension.
Dont go to system wars without a hazard suit, or you'll get stupid!!!
by girbot December 12, 2009
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A discussion board on video game forums in which people make claims about which gaming platform is better. Usually regarded as a haven for whiny, stupid people.
Check out what they're talking about in the system wars! What is wrong with these idiots?
by Zack Green July 12, 2004
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