what you call your crush who really likes apples (like too much) and has surfer hair. Describing word for TBHE.
wow TBHE is very swooty
by tpwkindness October 09, 2017
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Sweet cutie; fine female with a dime for a face, tight jeans, nice booty.

"Dang girl, u a swootie"
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An adjective used to describe someone acting like an adolescent child who in turn believes they themselves are "Hot shit" or someone who is a complete asshole. LaZzzy_LIFE for example.
Savannah: Wow look at Lazy over there, eating all the damn cake like a fat ass.
Michael: I know, that bastard is swooty as fuck.
Lazy: Shut the fuck up white boy.
by Fisted_Giraffe February 26, 2015
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