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When somone or a group of people are very tired, or when they are drunk. Some people also use the word swinko, although it means the same thing. The actual word's origins come from the Old english word ''Swink'' where it meant ''to labour'' or ''slave,'' although after centuries it as picked up the slang meaning of being tired/lazy/drunk.
''Ah sorry mate, can't do tonight, i'm proper swink''
''That boy over there's acting bare swinko''
''Ah fucking hell, them mans are swink''
by Loco toco. September 17, 2009
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When one or the other eye of someone under the influence of marijuana's has become so squinted that it temporarily closes, resulting in a slow motion wink.

Dude, I'm so high, I think my eye just swink-ed!
by dozombiespoop August 31, 2015
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1. Any act directed toward one's significant other that exhibits self-destructive, emotionally abusive, or inconsistent behavior.

2. To blame those closest to you for issues you create in your head.

3. Displaying extreme acts of cowardice.

4. Projecting. See also psychological projection.
When your girlfriend moves across the country to be with you, but has to go "home" for a cardiology appointment, you have ample opportunity to "Swink" it. Also known as: ignoring her and letting her find you on several dating websites saying you're wealthy, single, and looking for a relationship. Luckily for you, she will be 1800 miles away and therefore incapable of doing anything about it. You will have zero consequences and can easily pretend she doesn't exist. Also known as: you are a spineless cheating bastard.

If the description above portrays you, you must be Swinkin' it..
by unanimous32 September 24, 2012
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A term used to describe the act of a guy putting his thumb in his butt-hole while doing another guy in the butt.
Tim: You wanna have gay sex later?
Cody: Only if I can swink myself at the same time!
Tim: Good deal.
by M5/BB December 05, 2010
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A term used mostly online by using the ";)" keys to depict a winking face that is referring to a sexual nature commonly used in flirting which basically means (sexual wink) or "swink."
Girl: Hey I need to suck on something can you help me out?
Boy: Yeah I have something ;) swink
Girl: ;) swink
by levinetime December 28, 2010
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Made up during a music class when a child spelled the music type Swing wrong. Can be a cover-up for shit or fuck.
Holy swink I just owned you ass
by Me January 06, 2005
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A term used to describe a High class sink at a gas station

Also a term of general pleasure or awesomeness
i.e: Look at that swink!

i.e: That shit was swink!
by Rochon June 08, 2009
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