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Where you jerk a guy off and then give him a Razer Naga.
Guy 1: Got Swifty'd by some dude the other day, now I can play WoW better with my new Razer Naga.
by Donderblitz December 28, 2014
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Available Domains :D

1. "I'm a New York swiftie!"
2. "All swifties should join this new Taylor Swift fan page on FB!"
by A fellow swiftie December 02, 2010
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Dedicated Swift Fans who go to any measure to make sure they know every single thing about her and who own twitter and tumblr by knowing more about Meredith than any other animal in the world.
Swifties are true fans
Swifties love Meredith
by Jill Swift December 17, 2011
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Swifties are fans of Taylor Swift. The third scariest nation of fans after directioners and belibers. Swifties can find out most of Taylor's personal information.
directioners: i know the boys' blood types
belibers: i know Justin's phone number

swifties: i know where Taylor lives
by amandaisnotme May 12, 2013
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One of the most awesome people on all of Youtube. He is awesome at video games, he is a role model to thousands of the people that subscribe to him. He has great friends and a good sense of humor. Overall, a great guy.
"Hey Will! Did you see Swifty's new 1 shot macro?" "Yea! He was able to crit that guy for 100k!"
by Jim Downey October 10, 2011
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A girl who is completely obsessed with country singer Taylor Swift. Usually a little bit lesbian towards her, and would give anything to meet her and be like her. Supports her 100% and loves her an unhealthy amount.
by lolIDEK October 25, 2010
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