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1) Someone who mooches off of other people without giving anything in return. A cheap bastard.

2) Someone who is very selfish, someone who is not generous
Person 1 : Man, Jack is such a swej, he smoked my weed without asking and won't even pay for it

Person 2 : What a swej
by Aroused Panda February 08, 2018
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a really awesome jew, a really awesome person, or a really awesome thing. also can be used by adding endings to it.
Person 1: yeah his party was totally swej

Person 2: i know that was the best party of the year
by canneverthinkofausername January 24, 2009
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Cheap, Niggardly, A.K.A.- Jewish.
(Jews backwards)
dude dont be such a swej give me dollar!
by jonny von classics November 20, 2003
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founded by Reppz, swej is a word used that's on a whole new level.
I got that mad swej, yo. You must be trippin'if you think you're swejjin' like me.
by ReppzYoutube January 07, 2016
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