Swedish Coffee

When you ejaculate several times into a container, store it in your refrigerator and serve it to unknowing guests with their coffee.
“My landlord really enjoyed thar Swedish coffee I served him today (wink wink)
by SassySusy February 11, 2023
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A type of preparation of coffee, most popular in Sweden, where a coffe cup is filled up less than half way, and a coin is dropped into the bottom. Then, vodka is poured into the coffee until the coin is visible.
Swedish coffee is a dangerous combination of vodka and caffeine.
by Lauraface August 9, 2007
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When two guys jizz and piss in the same cup of coffee and they share it with a cinnamon bun
Me and my boyfriend shared a Swedish Double Coffee yesterday and it was really salty.
by Wordupcumer November 17, 2021
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Very thin coffee.
"You know how some coffee is so thin you can see the bottom of a cup? Well, Swedish coffee is so thin that you can see the IKEA logo underneath it."
by coffee junky 69 November 7, 2021
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