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The time of year where the seasons transition from summer to fall and then winter. You know sweater weather has begun when every 20 something year old is suddenly wearing sweaters and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. Sweater Weather typically lasts from late September to early April, depending on your location (even though some will try to milk it out for as long as they can).
Sali: God I hate the heat! I can't wait for October!
Dez: Same! I can't wait for sweater weather to roll around.
by fat-eye-moody August 10, 2017
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1. When the weather gets cooler and all the fat chicks can wear sweaters to hide there hideous bodies.

2. Another term for a fat chick.
Fat Chick - oh my god i'm so excited for sweater weather.

Guy to another guy - look at the size of that sweater weather.
by Suckabagofdicks September 27, 2010
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