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A song by an American alternative pop band called The Neighborhood.

Associated with the bisexual community. It is a cute love song with a slightly edgy aesthetic. It was number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in June 2013. It features in many LGBTQ+ relationship music playlists, and many spotify playlists in general.
Lad 1 : The song Sweater Weather is so cute!!
Lad 2 : That's the bisexual anthem lol
Lad 1 : I know
Lad 2 : Is this how you're coming out to me, king?
Lad 1 : ...Perhaps.
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by Cryptigon April 11, 2020
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girl 1) hey i rlly like the song sweater weather

girl 2) me too *winks*

girl 1) we are so bi
by Tokyo101 June 22, 2020
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a song sang by the neighbourhood that if you listened to it all your childhood, chances are your bisexual
"She wont stop playing sweater weather, she must be bisexual then"
by emikofrmhi September 15, 2019
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1-Song used as a code to identify bisexual people
β€’Ask someone if they like sweater weather, if they say yes, they are bisexual!

(Some people don’t know about this code, so not everyone who says yes might be bi)

2-Sweater weather is also known as the Bisexual anthem.

β€’It’s not an official anthem, it’s taken as a bi joke, people call this song the bi anthem to joke around :)
Person 1: β€œhey, do you listen to sweater weather?πŸ™ƒβ€œ
Person 2: β€œyeah!πŸ˜‰β€œ
Person 1: *now knows person 2 is bisexual*


*someone plays the song sweater weather*
Bisexual person: β€œeveryone, stand up to the anthem!πŸ˜Žβ€
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by Addy writes September 23, 2020
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