A ultimate rank of perfection and freshness that only certain individuals hit.
Matt Miller is Sway.
by Matt Miller January 15, 2004
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Its another world for "fam"
Jake: "8+2=5"
Jeremiah "how sway"
by Hinjey April 12, 2017
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For a complete definition, see the deleted scenes from Spike Lee's 25th Hour. (Does not lend itself to paraphrasing.)

"Sway helps you make money and money helps make you sway. But sway is not money."
"Sway is walking into the best five star restaurant in the city, without a reservation and being seated immediately."
by MDMcLena August 15, 2005
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To reach a level of swag that is so swagged out it is on another level, which is sway
Dude 1: That guy has some sort of syle but its bigger than swag.

Dude 2: It is sway!
by Jeremyz Parkerz SWE May 7, 2012
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1) a mixture of sweet and awsome; to be so cool that sweet and or awsome does not do justice to how cool it is; super happy fun time

2) to express awe, or excitement
1) That Against Me! concert last night was sway

2)"Hey Tito I just beat Super Metroid in less than three hours with a 100% item gathering!!!" "Sway"
by Proteus66 August 25, 2006
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'Sway' is the adjective/adverb form of 'swag'. Just as swag is a pointless word that can be used in any freakin' situation for any freakin' purpose, sway can be used to describe anything in any way; though it is usually considered positive.
"Man, look at that hipster trying to act sway. I thought they gave up years ago..."

"Still more sway than yo' mama!"

"That was NOT a sway thing to say! *pimp slap*"
by Andrew P. Garrison July 18, 2014
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FaZe Sway is a Pro Fortnite player that is rising on YouTube (At this time) and is considered as "The best controller player" there is.
"Isn't FaZe Sway that new guy in FaZe Clan?"
by binib May 8, 2019
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