Having Swagger that exceeds the limit of 9000.
Not commonly found.
Nathan: Aren't I looking fly today?

Maggie: Ya, you're looking real swaggerific! I wish I was that cool!
by Ibakeyou June 24, 2011
To have swag and be terrific.

Coined by DG, swaggerific was created to correctly describe someone who was beyong just having swag and being absolutely amazing.
Did you see Nicole's new choreo? She is definitely swaggerific.
by RockIt79 January 6, 2012
A term used in Oakland, CA to describe a very suave and attractive man.
Ahhh, he was hella fine and swaggerific!
by darth.frodo04 October 30, 2010
when you swag is justed maxxed out
Damn he juss rolled up in a lambo, thats pretty swaggerific.
by baby-bar February 26, 2010