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A Penis. But not just any penis, must be a Boss. A penis that gets it done and has the confidence of a Banny Rooster. A cock of the walk. When you roll so hard and have so much swag you cock can get them digits from a waitress while you order a drink from the bar. When you text and drive your dick can take the wheel, so you can use both hands and focus on your tweets. That's a swagger dagger.
I rolled up to my girls house about 2 am and stabbed her with my Swagger Dagger. Ray's got game, but when when my ex rolls up with that swagger my panties drop by themself.
by Young Yu August 31, 2014
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The article of clothing that makes the whole outfit full of swagger. It complements everything else, and without it, there would be little or no swagger at all. Some people have more than one Swagger Dagger.
Man, that dudes swagged out.

Yeah, but his snapback is his Swagger Dagger.
by SwaggerMaster510 August 08, 2011
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Some part of a person's personality, clothing, apparell or general appearance that kills any swag they would've or could've had without it
That guy's dumbass fedora is a total swagger dagger, how cool would that suit look without it!?

Anything a hipster wears or does is a swagger dagger
by SidtheKid777 April 16, 2011
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Noun:One swag ass dick, lady killers ultimate tool
verb: getting a chick so turned on during fore play that she throws out the rule book I.e. No intercourse ,no anal, tit jobs ect.
by pack-a-punch a pack-a-punch March 30, 2011
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