One (either a male or a female with a very edgy, and unique name) who is covered in head to toe Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Prada at all times. They wear expensive designer shoes and sunglasses. They are world-travelled and have friends in every country. They always know what is up. They tend to be very wealthy as their family has a lot of money. They are usually decked out in diamonds, and set off metal detectors with their swag. Sometimes one who is so swagged out may have difficulty falling asleep at night because they have forgotten to turn their swag off. It is truly a blessing to be swagged out, and one should never take it for granted.
You always look so swagged out!


I am so swagged out today in my Louboutins and Birkin bag!


My boyfriend is so swagged out, have you seen his new Rolex?
by ParisP May 29, 2011
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1. the act of being cooler than everyone in a specific place

2. eating food in a specific place

3. dancing in a condescending fashion
I just swagged out at the skate park!
B word I be swagging out!
by George [Little Skooters] March 31, 2019
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when you have so much swag that you just gotta roll out
dude I'm about to swag out right now
by swagOUT April 05, 2015
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1. when you have mad swag and you are leaving the building.

2. when someone tries to hard and they swag out (like strike out but in accordance towards swag
1. A fly young gentleman leaves the party/room/area by saying "Swag Out." then everybody else follows him out

2. yo man you tryin way to hard. what a swag out.
by Roger Federer December 31, 2011
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When you know you're fresh and are leaving the room. you tell people "Swag Out".
example 1:

Fly Dude in the room: Aiight bro, I'ma head out.

Crowd in the room: Peace, Later bro.

Fly Dude leaving the room: Swag Out.

example 2:

Fly Dude in a CoD lobby: Yeeah, just shitted on ya

Crowd in the Lobby: Fuk you bro.

Fly Dude leaving the lobby: Swag Out.
by DJ Imperial February 14, 2011
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When your swagg is so great that the second you walk into a room bitches are on your dick
bitch#1-omg look its Mic and Alex!

bitch#2-yea they are so swagged out to the maximum! lets go suck their dicks!

by Olie24 April 18, 2011
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Noun: The combination of the attitude of a winner, the clothes of a stunta, and the personality of an Usher background dancer.

Abbreviation: SOTA

Antonym: Dusty Swag
"That kid is so hard and got a drop that would make Diddy jealous. He's got Swag out the ass!"
by J-Trizzle-With-A-P-InTheMiddle September 08, 2011
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