When you are so swagger, you need another word for the amount of swag you have
How much swag do you have?
Dude, you know I’m swagalicious!
Really?! That’s so much swag dude!
by MF Girls April 21, 2021
A confident, gorgeous, 10/10, cutie and a half who glows from the inside out and also happens to dress fabulously
Wow, Sydney is looking swagalicious today. I want that kind of confidence.
by mynameishomi January 22, 2022
Someone or something with lots of swagga.
-Damnn, look at that girl's new kicks !
-She is soo freshh, she's SWAGALICIOUS !
by krys31793 July 22, 2008
Definition o' Swagalicious = Ray and Kyl
"Ray and Kyl are Swagalicious Gods"
by Superior Emo January 6, 2022
Someone who has a lot of swag. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanor.
"Mmmm that boy is swagalicious..."
by Hood Honda June 17, 2009
the state of having swag (adj)
Tom: Look at that kid, he definitely brought his swag

John: Yeah he is swagalicious
by da swagmaster April 5, 2010