11 definitions by MF Girls

1. Pet name for significant other
2. Curse word
3. A type of shoelace
4. Another word for bikini
5. What you say to someone after the sneeze
6. Alternative name for Woman/German Hooker
7. Word for extreme disappointment

8. Another word for a condiment
9. Medical Term for not being hungry
1. Man 1: *Sneezes*
Man 2: Bikiki.

2. I did not raise you to be such a Bikiki!

3. Man 1: Pass the Bikiki.
Man 2: The what?
Man 1: The ketchup, You Bikiki.
by MF Girls February 08, 2021
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It’s self explanatory
I started my period last week, those blood queefs were way cray cray. Not swagalicious at all.
by MF Girls April 20, 2021
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An insult that refers to your left ass cheek’s size
Damn, she’s got a fat ass!

No, dude, look at her ribcheek.
Oh, you right man!
by MF Girls February 14, 2021
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Another word for extravagant or skilled
-Normally used before the word goose
You skilly goose!
by MF Girls March 10, 2021
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The feeling of when your creating fecal matter and the urine 2 hydrogen, 1 oxygen splashes onto your buttocks
Man, I just took the best dump of my life. The only bad thing was that I experienced a little bit of shitsogg :(
by MF Girls February 14, 2021
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