A scale used to determine precisely how "gangster" an individual(usually a wigger or poser) is during the day. This is usually based on apparel, way of talking, and possible dick-up-the-ass walking. This is measured in Guzmans or "guzies".
Yo dawg, check out Carlos today. He's matching his hat with his KFC uniform. That's like 9 guzies on the Swag-O-Meter!
by Skate Jibbergoon Bitch August 21, 2009
Scale that lets you know how much swag you are oozing. Predetermined measurements let you know how much you "swag up" or "swag down"
"Dude I hooked up with three different girls last night"
"Let's check the swag-o-meter on that one: you have swaged up three levels"
by friendly ghost December 21, 2011
A scale used to determine precisely how "gangster" an individual is during the day. Rates from 0-Infinity. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanor. Walk the walk, talk the talk.
Dayuumm, that Michael Martinez boy is all up on the swag-o-meter! Rockin' the Chuck Taylors and crewnecks. I wish I was like him.
by ZMPro December 11, 2010
A gauge to indicate how much of a douchebag you are .It can be correlated in some way to the yolo-o-meter.
An urban legends say that it is actually a gay-o-meter, but c'mon guys, only Bender (from Futurama) has that kind of item.

Some say that if you take the inverse of the number, you can estimate the grade the guy will have in High School.
John : Yo man, I got 95 on the swag-o-meter, so fucking swag!!!!!
Ronald : Hey me too three years ago, welcome to McDonald!!!! ;)
by Rhonkar August 7, 2013