something to say to a friend who demonstrates exceptional quantities of swag.
Guy: hey, I finally asked out that girl

Guy's friend: swag up guy!
by tarrant20 January 15, 2011
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when a person doesnt have alot of swag so their friend takes them out and buys them new cloths/items that will ultimatly improve their swag
hey dude did you see jake? Steven took him out and got him Swagged Up.
by C.McTiggles February 27, 2014
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this is a very uncommon phrase typically used by overweight gay homosexual teenagers who are bored on facebook. it is commonly used as an ending to a status change, tries to represent a cool way to say peace out. but it doesnt work.
"What a fun night. hit me up. swag up thug out"
"Hitting up the guys at the bar tonight, swag up thug out"
''i was tricked so bad by sarah and camille and im gonna try and be cool by saying swag up thug out at the end of my status"
by SCCG September 25, 2009
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